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About Muhammadiyah Multitalent School of Yogya - SD Muhammadiyah Sapen
About Muhammadiyah Multitalent School of Yogya - SD Muhammadiyah Sapen
Muhammadiyah is a Persyarikatan which is the Islamic movement. The purpose is proselytizing Islamic movements and enjoin evil, which is aimed at two areas: individual and society. Da'wah and enjoin evil in the first field is divided in two categories namely:

  1. ISLAM IS THAT HAS TO REFORM (Tajdid). That is to return to the original teachings - pure
  2. To which that not Islam yet are a call to embrace the teachings of Islam

As for proselytizing and enjoining evil second area is to the community, is the guidance, teaching and education.

All of them carried out in conjunction with deliberations on the basis of piety and hope the blass from Allah, all of that proved in walfare, kindness and the wide of happiness. Muhammaddiyah move society toward the goal, is to "Achieve the main community, just, and prosperous the blass from Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala".

Basic struggle of Muhammaddiyah

In the struggle for implementing the business community towards the realization of the main, just and prosperous blessing from Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala, which is reflected by the well-being, goodness and happiness are widely and evenly, dan kebahagiaan yang luas dan merata, Muhammadiyah basing all its motion of charitable efforts with principal is summed up in the Statutes, are :

  1. Human life must be based on ?tauhid?, worship and obey God
  2. Human life in community
  3. MObey the Islamic religious teachings with the belief that Islam is the one, the only foundation of happiness and order to the next world
  4. MEnforce and uphold the religion of Islam in society is a duty as worship to God and to man ikhsan
  5. "Ittiba" to the step of the struggle from Prophet Muhammad
  6. Launch charitable efforts and struggles with the order of the organization.

Guidelines Struggle Muhammaddiyah
Given the above basic principles, then anything is attempted and no matter how Muhammaddiyah struggle to achieve the sole objective, must be guided by the

"To cling to the teachings of Allah and his messenger, moves to build in all fields and field by using the means and the path of Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala"
Properties Muhammaddiyah
Muhammaddiyah have and shall maintain the nature , especially:

  1. Charity and striving for peace and prosperity    Reproduce friends and practice the Muslim brotherhood.
  2. Patients, broad view, by holding fast to the religion of Islam.
  3. Are religious and civic.
  4. Heed all laws, regulations as well as basic and legitimate state philosophy.
  5. Grammar commanding the good and evil in all fields to be role models in accordance with the teachings of Islam
  6. Active in community development with purpose ishlah and development according to the teachings of Islam
  7. Cooperate with Islamic groups in an attempt broadcast and the teachings of Islam and defend the interests of his.
  8. Assist the government and cooperate with other groups in maintaining and developing the country to achieve a just and prosperous society which God diridlai
  9. Are fair and corrective in and out with a thoughtful.

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