Vision and Mission | Multitalent School of Yogya - SD Muhammadiyah Sapen

Vision and Mission Multitalent School of Yogya - SD Muhammadiyah Sapen
Vision and Mission Multitalent School of Yogya - SD Muhammadiyah Sapen
Establishment of Muslim Personal who superior, noble, cultured and global perspective.

  1. Implement learning and guidance in evectif way so that potential students can develop
  2. Provide opportunities for the development of cognitive, psychomotor and to the formation of human problem solvers.
  3. Develop IT-based learning and foreign language skills.
  4. develop a culture of discipline and high work ethic.
  5. Establish environmental education in schools which can grow and improve the quality of religious students.
  6. Evoke the spirit of achievement throughout the school community.
  7. Growing awareness and concern for the environment.
  8. improve participatory management involving students, teachers, parents and school stakeholders.


  1. Inventory and assess existing resources in Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta sapen Elementary school. Yogyakarta .
  2. Establish training programs on student achievement.
  3. Involve the school committee to obtain input and support for the implementation of school programs.
  4. Establish cooperation with various parties / agencies involved in order to improve the quality of human resources.
  5. Develop vocasional arable fields, such as English language skills, sports and IT governance.
  6. Growing awareness about the importance of the environment.


Teaching and learning process in Muhammadiyah sapen Elementary School be balanced between the three domains of education. Avectif, cognition, and psychomotor, which is expected to produce students who master the faith and devotion (IMTAQ) and science (science and technology) in accordance with the vision and mission of the school.Some support activities in teaching and learning are:

  1. Special coaching to read the Qur'an: This program uses iqra method for grade 1 that have not been able to read the Qur'an.
  2. Psychological tests to students: for grade 2 student to know the IQ level of students who will determine the handling of continuous learners test is done in grade
  3. Tadarus and memorizing the Qur'an: the program is done every morning before starting lessons, ranging from grade 1 to grade 6 in stages.
  4. Additional lessons: program is intended for students who have missed the students to follow the lessons in class.
  5. Home visit programe : the program was implemented to assist students in sixth grade exam preparation, either National Examination.
  6. Aceleration class : This program intended for children who have the ability to affect, affective and psychomotor above average.
  7. Grouping class: This program is used to ease in handling students. They will be grouped according to the value obtained raport on each semester.
  8. Counseling psychologist: every Tuesday school psychologists provide consultation to students' learning barriers.
  9. Consultation on student achievement: the program is implemented in order to realize successful learning through school partnership with parents / guardians of students. The program is conducted every sunday morning. In addition to bringing speakers, parents can also share with the class teacher's about their childrens development
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