History | Multitalent School of Yogya - SD Muhammadiyah Sapen

History Multitalent School of Yogya - SD Muhammadiyah Sapen
History Multitalent School of Yogya - SD Muhammadiyah Sapen
Muhammadiyah Sapen Elementary School stood on August 1, 1967. Different with the other private schools are now established with a large capital by the owner or his foundation, Muhmmadiyah Sapen elementary School established with capital, intent, spirit and keiklasan by its founders. Among the leaders who initiated the founding of Muhammadiyah Sapen Elementary School are H. Sutrisno, Drs. Marsum, M. M Sumarno Djazari Hisham, SH, Drs. Kirmadji, and leaders around Sapen that concerned with education.

The establishment process of Muhammadiyah Sapen Elemtary School is addressed pessimistic. pessimistic feelings that arise because at the moment there is absolutely no funds to construct school buildings and operating costs so that Muhammaadiyah sapen Eleementary school occupies a mosque that only 3 x 4 meters and then move on to a hall of sapen that was not worthy to be a place to learn. The room measuring 6 x 6 meters. All the walls were made of bamboo, hollow and full of poles so as not to collapse. Even had the status of Muhammadiyah sapen elementary school as ugliest school in Yogyakarta.

Sumarno saw such conditions, one of the initiators of the founding Muhammadiyah sapen elementary school was called to be donated 1000 m of his land. Building construction began in 1971 with the formation of the development committee, chaired by prof. Dr. H. A. Muhti Ali, M. A. This development continues with assistance from Prof. Dr. Amin Rais, a land area of 400 m2, then followed with the help of the minister of education and culture at that time Prof. Dr. Wardiman joyonegoro so that the realization of the old building in 2000 Muhammadiyah sapen Elementary school succeeded in liberating the land area of 1800 m2 and constructed building up intangible as it is today.

Along with the development process Muhammadiyah sapen Elementary school was taking shape, Step by step trying to improve themselves and find tips to become a qualified school. "Slowly but surely" the dream and the conviction was evident, as the achievements of Muhammadiyah sapen elementary school start earning the trust of the community. Starting the academic years 1991 / 1992 Muhammadiyah sapen Elementary school always reach the average value of the highest evaluations score (NEM) in Yogyakarta, and even national level. Also for Non-academic achievements, the various national championship trophies and even international reach.

SD Muhammadiyah Muhammadiyah sapen elementary school not just becoming known in the region but also blaring all over Indonesia. With the first students only 5 people, present along with increased quality and public confidence the total number of students at that times has reached 2400 students.
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